Welcome to Setaria Cloud API documentation.

This documentation aimed to help you understand all the possible things that you could do with our API. Before we get into technical details, we would like to introduce you the basic parts.


The most important part to any API. Setaria Cloud uses token to verify your identity, it can be created by providing your account email and your api key, as provided by control panel.


Setaria Cloud can be integrated with multiple object storages. You can manage your integration via API.


The core of Setaria Cloud is to process your video, and make them look good in the output. Posting your job by API is really easy, use your pre-defined workflow, or preset + profiles, and you are good to go.


Setaria Cloud supports Team collaborate. Manage your team and your members here.


Preset are your pre-defined parameters for each video processing action we provide.


Profile are your pre-defined parameters for output format, codec, height, width, and etc.


Workflow combines your Presets and Profiles. So you don't have to specify preset and profile every time you create a new job.